what is the use of phyllanthus?

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use of phyllanthus Various species of phyllanthus have a wide variety of purposes. One, P. acidus, has light yellow and green fruits that are made into preserves. The leaves and bark of P. ernblica, called amla or Indian gooseberry, contain tannin and are used in tanning and dyeing. In India people make its dried fruit into ink, hair dye, and detergent. They also use the fresh fruit, which is high in vitamin C, in drinks and candy. reference: http://www.herbs2000.com/herbs/herbs_phyllanthus.htm (accessed on 25-01-2011).
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Dear Nandini, Phyllanthus niruri is widely used as blocker for DNA polymerase, the enzyme needed for Hepatitis B Virus to reproduce. Hence, it is quite effective as herbal medicine in Hepatitis B Jaundice usually called as viral hepatitis. It is also used in treatment of some form of gonorrhoea, menorrhoea, dropsy and some genito urinal infections. Its use has also been found in treating asthma patients, spleen disorders etc. Ref: http://www.motherherbs.com/phyllanthus-niruri.html accessed on 26.1.2011. Regards,

mridula jayaraman

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