What are the chemical constituents present in ergot?

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Ergot contains potent indole alkaloids about 0.1 to 0.25%.These are derivatives of lysergic acid.As lysergic acid is present in peptide form these are also called peptide alkaloids.These alkaloids are grouped into water soluble(Ergometrine) and water insoluble(Ergocristine). Ergot also contains pigments ,ergosterol and fungisterol, histamine,tyramine, aminoacids, acetyl choline , chitin, upto 30% fixed oil and 8% moisture. REF:PHARMACOGNOSY:NEERALI PRAKASHAN PUBLICATIONS. 34 edition, page-459


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Indole alkaloids are the constituents of ergot. Some are water soluble and mostly they are water insoluble. Laevo form of the alkaloids are therapeutically active. Water soluble therapeutically active alkaloid: ergometrine Water soluble therapeutically inactive alkaloid: ergometrinine Water insoluble therapeutically active alkaloid: ergotamine, ergosine, ergocrystine, ergocryptine,ergocornine Water insoluble therapeutically inactive alkaloid: ergotaminine, ergosinine, ergocrystinine, ergocryptinine, ergocornine. Reference: Pharmacognosy by C. K. Kokate, A. P. Purohit, S. B. Gokhale, 41st edition, Nirali prakaashan publishers, page no 13.15
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There are 3 main classes of ergoline derivatives, the water-soluble amides of lysergic acid, the water-insoluble ergopeptines (i.e., ergopeptides), and the clavine group. thank you


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