Type of glycosides present in Senna?

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Anthraquinone glycosides-sennosoides A,B,C,D mainly,rhein and emoidin Ref-pg no.177,pharmacognosy,c.k.kokate,39th edition
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Hello mam, 1. Anthraquinone glycoside- SENNOSIDE A and B . They bot hydrolse to give 2 molecules of glucose(glycone) and sennidin A and B (aglycone). SENNOSIDES C and D which are glycosides of heterodianthrones involving rehin and aloe-emodin. 2. Two Napthalene glycosides isolated from senna leaves and pods are 6-hydroxymusizin glucoside and tinnievellin glucoside.(1) REFEENCE: 1. EVANS W.C.,PHARMACOGNOSY,15TH EDITION, PAGE NO.- 232 WITH REGARDS ANKUR
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Anthraquinone glycosides They are sennoside A, sennoside B, sennoside C, sennoside D Reference: Pharmacognosy by C. K. Kokate, A. P. Purohit, S. B. Gokhale, 41st edition, Nirali prakaashan publishers, page no 8.12

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