The plant used in the treatment of snake bite and scorpion sting?

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dear Aishwarya, 1)The plants used in treatment of Snake bites are- a)Eclipta alba (L.) (Synonym-Ghamira), family Asteraceae- The whole plant is given with equal portions of roots of kurchi bark, which is crushed and made in to sherbert and given. b)Moringa oleifera (Synonym-Munaga) , family Moringaceae- The bark root of this plant's paste is prepared and applied on affected area. the decotion prepared which is given orally. c)Rauwolfia serpentina (Synonym-Sarpagandha), family Apocynaceae- The root's paste is prepared and applied on affected area d)Tephrosia purpurea (Synonym-Silpoka), family Fabaceaee The roots are grounded in combination with pepper and honey is added to it and given orally. 2)The plants used in treatment of Scorpion bite are- a)Achyranthes aspera L. (Synonym-Chirchiri), family Amaranthaceae roots are crushed in combination with seeds of ghatayan and applied on sting part. b)Madhuca latifolia Roxb. (Synonym-Mahua), family Sapotaceae dried fruits with the leaf of beshram is made in to paste and applied on affected area. c)Martynia annua L. (synonym-Bichhu), family Pedaliaceae paste of the seeds are made and apllied on the affected area d)Tamarindus indica L. (synonym-Imali), family Combertaceae incision is made on the sting site and cotyledon of imali is placed over the affected area, the poison is absorbed by the cotyledon. ref- accessed on- 25-01-2011 regards,

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