Give the biological source, chemical constituents and uses of acacia

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ACACIA: Biological source:It is the dried gummy exudation of stem and branches of Acacia arabica,belonging to the family Leguminosae. Chemical constituents: It principally consists of arabin,which is a complex mixture of calcium,magnesium and potassium salts of arabic acid.Arabic acid upon hydrolysis give L-arabinose,L-rhamnose,D-galactose and D-glucuronic acid.It also contains oxidase and peroxidase enzymes. Uses:Demulcent,suspending agent in the form of mucilage.It is a good emulsifying agent for fixed oils,volatile oils and also for liquid paraffin.It is a good binding agent hence used in the preparations of lozenges,pastilles and compressed tablets. REF:PHARMACOGNOSY by Dr.C.K.KOKATE,41 EDITION,

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