evaluation tests for natural gums

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Evaluation tests for natural gums Natural gums are used widely in pharmaceutical dosage forms due to certain advantages over synthetic polymers. These natural gums are generally nontoxic, less expensive, freely available and associated with less regulatory issues. They have found wide application in pharmaceutical formulations such as polymer matrices in sustained release solid dosage forms, binders in tablets, stabilizers or suspending agents in liquid dosage forms, and in bioadhesive drug delivery systems. Natural gums used in the pharmaceutical and food industries include guargum, tragacanth, acacia gum or gum Arabic and xanthan gum. Different tests are carried out to evaluate its suitability for particular usage. Following tests are performed to characterize the natural gum and to determine its physicochemical properties. 1. Aqueous solubility 2. Moisture content 3. Stability studies 4. Microbial contamination studies a. Total Aerobic Microbial Count i. Bacteria ii. Fungi b. Testing for pathogens i. Staphylococcus aureus ii. Pseudomonas aeruginosa iii. Salmonella species iv. Escherichia coli v. Pathogenic Fungi 5. Pharmaceutical properties a. Bulk density and Tapped density b. Hausner ratio and Carr index (compressibility) c. True density and Porosity d. Flow properties (by Angle of repose) e. Surface area determination f. Particle size evaluation g. Viscosity and pH measurement h. Gel formation 6. Total ash and soluble ash 7. Loss on drying Vijay, there are many evaluation tests depends on the usage whether it is for any drug delivery system, or as binder or other use. did u find any difference among the tests??? References: 1. Paresh A. Prajapati et al. Journal of Pharmacy Research 2010, 3(6), 1254-1259 2. Sivakumar et al. Int.J. PharmTech Res.2010, 2(3)


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