what is the role of lubricant in tablet formulation ?

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Role of lubricants in tablet formulation is: 1. To increase flow property of granules. 2. TO prevent adherence of granules to the punch faces and dies. 3. To ensure smooth ejection of tablet from die. Ref: The Theory and practice of Industrial Pharmacy by Leon Lachmann and Herebert A. Libermann, Indian Edition 2009; Pg no: 328
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During the tableting process a friction will be produced between the punch and the die or between the powder material and the die wall which may reduce in most of the cases the quality and integrity of the produced tablet e.g. capping and scratches of the tablet surface. So some materials can be added to reduce this friction process, those materials known as lubricants which will provide save ejection of the tablet from the die.


Aulton, M. E.(2002). Pharmaceutics: The Science of Dosage Form Design. Edinburgh, Churchill Livingstone. 2nd, page 408.

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