What is ozokerite?

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Ozokerite is the the synonym for Ceresin.

The other synonyms were - Cerosin; Earth wax; Mineral wax; Fossil wax.

It is a white odorless solid which resembles spermaceti when purified. It is a mixture of natural complex paraffin hydrocarbons.

Melting point ranges between 61o - 78oC and Specific gravity from 0.91-0.92.

It is stable towards oxidizing agents.

Soluble in - 30% alcohol, benzene, chloroform, petroleum, benzin or hot oils.

It is used as a substitute for Bees wax; In dentistry-for impression waxes etc.,

Ref:- Pg:1092; Remington book of science and practice of pharmacy, 21st edition, Volume-I; Indian edition.


Bhavani Prasad.V

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OZKERITE: Mineral wax consisting of hydrocarbons, originally derived from veins in sandstones. White pastilles, odorless. Insoluble in water & alcohols, soluble in warm oils & other melted waxes. Melting Point: 73-76oC give to hardness, gel strength & consistency, insures color uniformity in color cosmetics, emulsifying & emollient properties, compatible with all kinds of mineral & vegetable oils & waxes. Applications: lipstick, lip balm, concealers, deodorants, emulsions (creams, lotions). reference: http://www.makingcosmetics.com/Natural-Waxes/Ozokerite-Wax-p104.html

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