what is an emulsion ?

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An emulsion is a biphasic liquid dosage form in which dispersed phase (oil or water) is dispersed as globules in a dispersion medium (oil or water), stabilized by the presence of emulsifying agent. Ref: MARTIN's "Physical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences; 5th Indian Edition. Pg nos: 509
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dear leela, Emulsion is defined as thermodynamically unstable mixture of two essentially immicscible liquids. Usually one phase persists in a droplet form for a prolonged period of time. This is called ad internal phase(disperse phase) and is surrounded by an external phase(continuous phase). ref- Ref:- Leon Lachman, Herbert A Lieberman, Joseph L Kanig Third Edition, The Theory and Practice of Industrial Pharmacy, Verghese Publishing House (page no.502) regards,

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