Say about preservative action of syrups?

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In some syrup, the high quantity of sucrose is sufficient to preserve them. Others
require the addition of preservatives.
a. Temperature. Low temperature is the best method of preserving syrups.
Syrups should not be stored above 25 C (77 Fahrenheit).
b. Glycerin. Glycerin may be effective in preserving some syrup; especially,
those made with dextrose. A 30 percent concentration is sufficient to prevent microbial
growth. In addition to its preservative action, glycerin also prevents precipitation of
vegetable extractives. Glycerin, although sweet, does not have the high palatability of
sucrose or dextrose.
c. Additives. Syrups may also be preserved by small concentrations of
additives such as methylparaben (0.05 to 0.25 percent), benzoic acid, or sodium






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