how it is decided that one has to take 6 tablets for dissolution? why not more or less? why 20 for friability? .........

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 A set of pre weighed tablets [if one tablet weigh 650mg or less then approx 6.5g of total weight should be taken and for more than 650mg/tablet weight, 10 tablets should be taken] (3) are placed in the plastic chamber revolving at 24-25rpm for 4 min. The tablets are subjected to combined effects of abrasion and shock. The tablets are dropped at a distance of six inches on each revolution.because if one tablet dissolution is same for all tablets where in case of they take 20 because here we test abrasion so that we can assure whether is has retain it properties or not . 

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No of tablets is decided by Pharmacopeaia.

the number of tablets is harmonized in the dissoution method in Ph.eur, USP and JP


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