Can anyone provide a note on 'Effeluent treatment'in pharma industry?

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Pharmaceutical and bulk drug industries emanate effluent which consists of high organic contents with high COD. "SSP" has developed a system to treat such effluent, through evaporation & drying technology & by removing the solvent from High COD stream, using stripper column. With the help of this technology, effluent concentrate is dried to a baggable powder with 6 -8% moisture content, which can be reused as a land filling / disposal.
For the purpose of treating this effluent, Evaporation and Drying methods are used. A combination of Industrial Evaporators like Falling Film Evaporator, Forced Circulation Evaporator and the Industrial Dryers like Vertical Thin Film Dryer are used. Other auxiliary techniques such as centrifuging, filtration, incineration are also employed depending upon the characteristics of the effluent

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