causative organism for Qfever

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Dear Sandhya, *Q Fever is caused by Coxiella burnetii and it is a zoonotic disease. Ref: * accessed on 21.1.2011 Regards

Shruti Priya

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Coxiella burnetii , a bacterial species i.e ubiquitous in its distribution is the causative organism of Q fever(a zoonotic disease)[1]. Primary resorvoirs of C. burnetii are Cattle, sheep, and goats. The causative organisms are excretred in milk, urine, and feaces of infected animals. The organisms are released in huge numbers within the amniotic fluids and the placenta during birthing [1]. These organisms are however resistant to heat, drying, and many common disinfectants due to which they remain alive in the environment for longer periods and cause the disease in a fresh individual (generally airborne) [1]. Reference: 1.


S. Praveen Kumar.

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