In bacteria lag phase means

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In the lag phase, the cells get adapted to the new environment. Here the cellular metabolism is accelerated resulting in rapid biosynthesis of macromolecules. It is infact preparatory phase to the 2nd stage. There is no cell division and net increase in number. Ref: Microbiology lab manual by James G Cappuccino, Natalie Sherman State University of New York, Rockland Community College.

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Lag phase is the initial stage of the bacterial cell cycle where there is no growth of the bacteria.The addition of inoculum to a new medium do not immediately cause doubling of the population. The cells of the population instead of remaining quiescent in this stage increase in size and become physiologically active by synthesizing new protoplasm.Finally at the end of lag phase each organism divides and complete this phase gradually and enter into the next phase of the cell cycle i.e the logarithmic phase. Reference: Microbiology {Pelczar/chan/krieg} Fifth Edition Page number- 120


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Lag phase is the condition during which the bacteria increase in size and get adjusted to the conditions. The size of the population remains almost the same. Reference: Microbiology by Pelczar, Chain,Krieg, 5th edition, tata mcgraq hill publishers, page no 120

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