Levodopa and carbidopa are given together because?

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Levodopa and carbidopa are a combination of drugs that together, help to prevent Parkinson's symptoms. Levodopa is converted by the brain into dopamine. It is sometimes referred to as L-dopa. Carbidopa is given with levodopa to prevent it from being converted into dopamine outside of the brain. Carbidopa also prevents the side-effects that occur when too much dopamine is outside of the brain: nausea and vomiting. Also, carbidopa decreases the amount of levodopa needed. Together, the two drugs provide an increase in dopamine in the brain at an optimum level. This combination is also known as Sinemet, its brand name. References: http://www.suite101.com/content/levodopacarbidopa-for-parkinsons-a23662

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