what are the most common problems encounterd during scale up?Why does it becomes more complicated especially for semisolid preparations

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Yes, it is a critical issue of scale up of a formulation.

In research area, we handle very small quantities and once we get positive results, then we need to go for pilot plant scale up where we increase the quantities and use machinery suitable for doing that job. However, it is tough to do this job as it is not that easy we handle small quantities in mortor-pestle, beakers, test tubes etc.

Hence a highly technical sound knowledge is required.

Once we succeed in pilot plannt scale up, then we have to move to the next step of industry scale, a fullfledged commercial batch run.

In this process, handling powders, liquids, solids is easy compard to semisolids as there is a big problem with viscosity! Energy levels vary drastically to get uniform mixture of semisolids rather than to mix liquids.


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