hi frns i m a postgraduate m-pharm (pharrmaceutical analysis) i seeking for a job in australia may i know what is the procedure for it?

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This is one of the procedures by which u can find a way...

  1. You need to get a visa to work  ,so procuring it.
  2. You have to Consult the Australian Skills Recognition Information website to know the qualifications required to work there.
  3. Go the the following sites SEEK, Job Guide, CareerOne, Graduate Careers AustraliaJob Search Australia.
  4. Get the list of companies in which u can work and be in contact with the recruitment section of the company.
  5. Prepare a CV in australian style and you can take the help of  CareerOne Resume Writing Guide - Australian Style or  Top Margin Resume Guide. 
  6. Prepare a cover letter and send the CV along with the cover letter to the recruitment agency.
  7. Have a regular follow up and try to be in australia to attend in person if called for an interview.
  8. You can also try for a part time till the job.Check  Intern Options Australia, SEEK VolunteerConservation Volunteers Australia,Travellers Worldwide.

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