Why Indian journals not finding importance or impact in global community - how to improve the standards of Indian journals

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Scientific work has to be done with passion and interest in order to achieve something new or a goal. But in India, people do research works for the sake of publishing in journals as they get a Ph.D degree or good name and fame. One must do quality research works to improve the standards.
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Dear Rehman, I think many of the Indian Scientists are interested in doing plagiarism rather than doing hard core research. An Indian Scientist whose caliber could have been harvested by India goes to US does research for that country and gets a name? Why? The pathetic condition in India I think is also due to red tapism in publication of papers and also due to politics played by many people. We can improve the situation only by trying to give quality output and by changing the political scenario. What do you think?

mridula jayaraman

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