What are the toics that have to be concentrated on when we are going for the NIPER entrance?

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Basic organic chemistry and named reactions for some more info please clink on the below link: http://www.pharmainfo.net/niper-entrance-examination
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Dear Abhigna and Santosh, I think for a comprehensive preparation for G PAT or NIPER entrance, we must concentrate on the following subjects (selective intensive study) 1. Pharmaceutics - Cover up the portions like emulsions and suspensions and all sorts of formulations in addition to micromeritics and rheology. 2. Pharmacology - Make intensive notes on all the drugs and their mechanism of action in finger tips. 3. Pharmceutical chemistry - Have a very good basic concept of chemistry and have a finger tip knowledge of all the named reactions. 4. Pharmacognosy - Work hard with particular intensive study of biological source, family and specific standards and microscopical characters of a drug. Combined with all this, a general knowledge of all the subjects studied and group discussion will help I hope. Regards

mridula jayaraman

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