Suggest the best branch to be selected for M.Pharm in INDIA ?

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I think the best branches for in India are pharmacology, pharmaceutical analysis and pharmaceutics.


Uma Prathyusha

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Everything is good when its focused properly. Actually doing M pharm is just the qualification to get into drug discovery and drug development. Pharmaceutics is ever green without any competition from other master programs.But its depends upon how well you gain your knowledge to fit into the industry. Make your own identity so every novelty will make you taste the success fruits.
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One cannot say that one branch is superior than the other one in the profession of Pharmacy. It completely depends on your interest. Here are some suggestions on how one should select right branch for him/herself: 1. If you are extrovert, fond of clothes, and good food, go for Pharmaceutics, 2. If you are an introvert personality, go for Pharmacology or Pharmacognosy, 3. If you are introvert with interest in chemistry, go for Medicinal Chemistry (especially drug designing), 4. If you are extrovert with interest in chemistry, go for Pharmaceutical Analysis, 5. If you are ambivert, aggressive, and risk taking personality, go for MPharm Clinical Pharmacy or PharmD. I hope this helps.

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