Enumerate the features of in the third edition of Indian Pharmacopoeia?

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At present 7th Edition of IP is ready.

Highlights of 3rd Edition of IP include:

> Around 450 monographs present in 2nd edition are deleted in 3rd edition.

> For the first time, various analytical techniques like electrophoresis, flame photometry, flurometry, photometric haemoglobinometry are officially covered.

> Dissolution test has been covered for 6 tablets as applicable.

> IR and UV, GLC, Atomic absorption spectroscopy and Fluorescence are mentioned as applicable.

> Limit test for microbial contamination was covered.

> Appendices for containers, water, biological assays were covered as annexures.


Pharmaceutics Text Book by R.S.GAUD, Nirali Prakashan Publishers.


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