What is Biuret reaction and what's its use?

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BIURET REACTION: When urea is heated to 180 degrees the compound formed is called biuret.This when treated with alkaline copper sulpahte a purple color is produced.This is calld biuret reaction. This test is answered by all compounds containing 2 or more CO-NH groups that is at least 2 peptide linkages. This test is used to identify proteins in biological fluids. REF:BIOCHEMISTRY-Dr.U.Satyanarayana and Dr.U.Chakrapani.3rd EDITION .Page-61


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Biuret test is used for the identification of proteins where biuret is treated with dilute copper sulphate in alkaline medium and a purple color is obtained in presence of proteins. ref: Biochemistry by U.Satyanarayana, Pg-61






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