What are the tests employed for detecting the presence of bence jones proteins in urine?

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THE VARIOUS TESTS EMPLOYED ARE: 1)ELECTROPHORESIS of concentrated urine is the best test. 2)THE CLASSICAL HEAT TEST involves heating of urine to 40-50 degrees that caused the ppt of bence jones proteins.The ppt redissolved on further heating and appeared on cooling to 70 degrees. 3)BRADSHAWS TEST involves layering of urine with conc HCl that forms a white ring in presence of these proteins. REF:BIOCHEMISTRY-Dr.U.Satyanarayana and Dr.U.Chakrapani.3rd EDITION .Page-189


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Hi Pratibha, The tests employed for bence jones proteins are electrophoresis, classical heat test and bradshaw's test. ref: BIOCHEMISTRY-Dr.U.Satyanarayana.3rd EDITION .Page-189


Uma Prathyusha

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