What are lipoproteins and what are the types?

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Lipoproteins consist of proteins and lipids. The classes of lipoproteins are, 1) chylomicrons 2) VLDL 3) LDL 4) HDL 5) Free fatty acid-albumin. ref: Biochemistry by U.Satyanarayana, pg-317






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Lipoproteins are maolecular complexes made of lipids and proteins in their conjugated form. They function as transport vehicles for lipids and deliver lipid components like cholesterol to various tissues. They are classified into 5 classes based on their separation by electrophoresis. 1)Chylomicrons:They are synthesised in intestine and transport dierty triacylglycerol to various tissues. 2)Very low density lipidoproteins:Produced in intestine and liver and transport endogenous triacylglycerol. 3)low density lipoproteins:Formed from vldl in blood and transport cholesterol from liver to tissues. 4)High density lipoproteions:Synthesized in liver and transport cholesterolfrom peripheral tissues to liver. 5)Free fatty acids-albumin:This is not separated by electrophoresis. REF:BIOCHEMISTRY-Dr.U.Satyanarayana and Dr.U.Chakrapani.3rd EDITION .Page-317


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