How to diagonize sickle-cell anaemia?

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DIAGNOSIS of sickle cell anemia: 1)Sickling test:Microscopic examination of blood smear after addition of sodium dithionite shows sickled erythrocytes. 2)Electrophoresis:When sickle cell Hb is subjected to electrophoresis it moves slowly towards anode which is due to less negative charge caused by the absence of glutamate residues that carry negative charge. REF:BIOCHEMISTRY-Dr.U.Satyanarayana and Dr.U.Chakrapani.3rd EDITION .Page-206


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Hi Pratibha, Sickle cell anaemia can be diagnosed by sickling's test and electrophoresis. ref: Biochemistry text book by U.Satyanarayana, 3rd edition, pg-206


Uma Prathyusha

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Dear Uma and Abhigna, Prenatal diagnosis (before birth) of sickle cell anemia is possible using amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling. The sample obtained is then tested for DNA analysis of the fetal cells. accessed on 20.1.2011

Shruti Priya

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