The condition of loss of lipids in feces is called? This may be due to?

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The loss of lipids in feces more than about 5g per 24hrs is called as STEATORRHEA. It may be caused due to following: Enzyme deffect Bile deficiency Integrity of the intestinal epithelum prone to disturbance. REF:


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Hello Pratibha, The condition in which there is presence of excess fats in faeces is called steatorrhoea. Causes: 1) malabsorption 2) pancreatitis 3) cystic fibrosis 4) crohn's disease 5) liver diseases 6) coeliac diseases 7) diverticular diseases 8) short bowel syndrome 9) pancreatic carcinoma 10) tropical sprue etc reference:


Uma Prathyusha

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