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It is very difficult to understanding nature's mute but graceful language of living cells. In the living cells the most important part which is three letter words i.e. DNA.DNA whose most complex expression in man.

For understanding the complexity of DNA easily we create biological database. Biological database are libraries of life science information collected from scientific experiment, published literature and computational technology analysis.

The information mainly contain in biological database include gene function, localization, clinical effect of mutation & similarity of biological sequence and structure.

NCBI is the composite type of biological database.

The national centre for biotechnology information (NCBI) established on November 4, 1988 as the division of the NATIONAL LIBRARY OF MEDICINE (NCM) at the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF HEALTH (NIH) a federal agency of the US government.

The NCBI mainly contain information about genome sequence data in GEN BANK and an index of biomedical and biotechnology in PUBMED.The Entrez search engine help to search all these database in the online.

The main responsibilities of NCBI are:

* With the help of mathematical and computational methods conducts research on fundamental biomedical problems at the molecular level.

* NCBI work together with several NIH institutes, academia, and other governmental agencies.

* Promoting the scientific communication by the help of meetings, workshops, and lecture series

* Help in giving training on basic and applied research in computational biology through the NIH research program.

* Develops, distributes, and supports different databases and software for the scientific and medical communities.

* Create standards for databases, data deposition and transfer biological nomenclature from one database to another easily.

SO the mission of NCBI is to ensure that the growing body of information from molecular biology and genome research is placed in the public domain and provide information to the scientific community in way that promotes scientific progress.



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