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As our leader's blog about plagiarism was well defined and explained the basic concepts of plagiarism, now it's our turn (learners) to post our first blog in this contest.(1) Although there are many scientist and academician accused by plagiarism. But can you think that the century greatest scientist ALBERT EINSTEIN also accused by plagiarism? NO, I am not saying that the concept of relativity is not given by Albert Einstein. It was his own creativity but the equation was not. The concept of relativity is first considered by Galileo in 1632 and Lorentz was the first came up the idea that light speed is constant and E=mc2 was originally given by Henri Poincare, only he wrote it as "m = E/c2". (2) THE HISTORY OF E = mc2 Brown (1967) made the following statement: "Thus gradually arose the formula E = mc2, suggested without general proof by Poincare in 1900". One thing we can say with certainty is that Einstein did not originate the equation E = mc2. Then the question becomes: "Who did?" Bjerknes (2002) suggested as a possible candidate S. Tolver Preston, who, "Formulated atomic energy, the atom bomb and superconductivity back in the 1870s, based on the formula E = mc2". In addition to Preston, a major player in the history of E = mc2 who deserves a lot of credit is Olinto De Pretto (1904). (3) And remember Einstein received his Nobel Prize for his explanation of the photoelectric effect, not relativity. At the time of the awarding, physical proof for relativity was still somewhat scant, and the more conservative members of the award committee disliked relativity and held up the award process for a few years. Eventually, they compromised and awarded the prize for the photoelectric effect, a safer option. Many treated this as an award snub. (2) In the end I would like to express my deep feelings about plagiarism. Although it is difficult to eliminate the evil of plagiarism at all, but one thing which we all can do is by guiding and creating awareness among the laymen's and hence, can help many people who should be credited for their real pain they have taken to do that work. REFERENCE: 1. 2. 3.

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Author: Ankur sood


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Over all good blog. I guess you can include more references to make it the best. For example when you say "As our leader's blog" can provide reference number and proved link at reference section ( ) . Or you can link the text like this As our leader's blog . We also need to provide references for further reading/verification of the information we write.
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thank you sir for your apperication and i take your point positively and try to make the best blog and also try to not repeat this mistake again.
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Its astonishing to here about Einstein accused of plagiarism. Nice Job..
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thank you, sir. with regards ankur
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hello ankur, 20th century had witnessed the maximum cases of plagiarism. Your explanation is very nice. Waiting for more blogs from your side.

Sirisha Pingali

Viswanadha Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

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hello sirisha thank you for your apperication. with regards ankur
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a good blog . your study reveals that even intellectual people are not 100% Mr. Perfect.thanks for the informative blog.

mridula jayaraman

Pharma Wings

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thank you , mridula with regards ankur
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you have given very good information ...i think most of the people never even heard of poincare ...nice work
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hello sravani, thank you. with regards ankur
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Keep it up!!

Thanks and Regards, Shikha Chauhan Lecturer (Pharmaceutics) Amity Institute of Pharmacy Amity University Noida Email:

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THANK YOU , MAM with regards ankur
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Dear Ankur.... Your information is good. All THE BEST.

shafi ..

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Thank you,sir with regards ankur
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Really a nice one..a very precious and informative block. Enjoyed reading it and came to know some new true facts. BEST OF LUCK With regards Amol Dhiman

Amol Dhiaman

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thanks, my friend. with regards ankur
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you have given an very good example of plagiarism.

with regards Nandini. TEAM ASSIMILATORS.

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HI NANDINI, Thank you for your appericiation. with regards ankur
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hi ankur, a very good example cited its simple but a not well known one you have really scrached out the grey matter. thank you
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thank you, raja with regards ankur sood
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it is really a very good blog

Shruti Priya

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Thank you,shruti with regards ankur
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it was really a very good information on plagiarism... thank you very much for such blog Regards Sanket Shah
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Thank you,sanket
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a great blog, good job.keep it up. thanks


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Thank you,mam

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