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Hello everyone,

This blog is dedicated to everyone who everyday suffer with some complications arises due to newly introducing drug delivery systems and drug delivery devices because of improperly understood the way of utilize. Especially in India where majority of people residing in villages and hardly have primary education. New drug delivery systems and devices are showering in market every now n' then...........

the fact is people are still unable to administered dosage forms properly like effervescent tablet (should be disperse or dissolved in water), enteric coated tablets (should not be broken into pieces due to any reason), chewable tablets (should be chewed and not to be swallowed) which are different from conventional dosage form despite of instructions are given on every dosage form about its administration. These all dosage forms are present in market from longer period of time.

Newer formulations are still more complex than these ones......these things are somewhat difficult to digest by majority of population which are uneducated until it should not be discussed or explain in simple and clear manner. I suppose like the OTC product like ENO, DISPRIN, STREPSIL etc whose advertisements are coming in TV due to that people are very used to these types of dosage forms.

You may think, we can't go for the advertisement of dosage forms other than OTC preparation but one body is there who can take up this responsibility........OUR HEALTH DEPARTMENT/ GOVERNMENT. Instead of going for the advertisement brand wise government can aware the people about the new drug deliveries available in market and how one can properly used them so that objective of preparing the delivery is fulfill.

In one side we are making new formulations under the name of patient compliance but if patient will go and ask the physician all the time about the delivery then it is not correct. TV is one of the best way to demonstrate the general crowd about the WAY OF drug administration because each and everyone watch TV and understand properly if explain in simple manner and once these thing constantly bombarding people will get habituated.

This sole responsibility should be taken by government and should also involve the professional persons for proper designing the advertisement, but same time it should be restricted to government only otherwise every industrial people exploit it like cosmetic products by making people day-dreaming.

People should understand which type of drug delivery they are taking, how to identify, how to use it properly, what happen if they didn't follow the instructions on label, which is for pediatric and which one is meant for adult, what is the difference between them all? And many more........

Many eyes are waiting for the help so that their less education should not become the cause of their complications; many people I seen they unintentionally
destroy the dosage form. General example what I seen many times with enteric coated tablet, that first dose of tablet they will take properly then once they start getting relief from complication then start reducing dose by taking half dose (by simply breaking the tablet into two) without consulting
with physician as well as unaware of property of enteric coated tablet. Because they know one thing ....DRUG IS POISON.


This blog does not contain any plagiarized material.


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Amol Malpani's picture
Author: Amol Malpani


Bhavani Prasad.V's picture

Dear Amol sir,

Really interesting thought. You have nicely portrayed the most concerned current issue towards which very few were putting their attention.

You said- It's the governments duty to make the common man aware of the type of medication how to take and all the.. through advertisements.. But do U think they can do without the help of a registered pharmacist or a medical practitioner? They can't. Isn't it.. So...

My view towards this issue is- As we are pharmacist and definitely we 'll have contacts with lot's of people around u. We all shall feel the responsibility by conducting awareness camps. Doesn't matter how many years or days it takes. But, if we go on organizing awareness camps with a full dedication and patriotic spirit for our countries development.. Definitely it would be possible.

Even if the pharmacist in the medical shops show his customer practically (only some) about how to administer and all.. Definitely it would become much more easier..:)

What you say sir..? :)


Bhavani Prasad.V

Amol Malpani's picture

Dear Bhavani, I am agree with your patriotic spirit and responsibility of pharmacist. "through advertisements.. But do U think they can do without the help of a registered pharmacist or a medical practitioner? They can't." about your statement I no where mention that not to involve pharmacist or physicians instead I mentioned in my blog take help of TECHNICAL PERSON i.e. pharmacist or physician who knows about the drug and dosage form better than anyone else.. meaning of technical person in my blog is not belong to ADD DESIGNERS, because I know the importance of pharmacy and physician in this issue. We want early progress and awareness among the public. Mouth publicity is best publicity that thing only I wish to highlight. NOW only pharmacist and physician knows about the dosage form administration tech. once it is repeatedly highlighted on TV then general public also come to know and we get more helping hands to spread this wave of awareness. e.g. if we have a car in alright condition and we have to go 100km why to go by walking. similarly if technology is developed and it is already reach to common mass why can't we utilize the same to aware people fast............. Thats what I feel dear nothing else. Further discussion is welcome.... Regards.,
A.R.Khan's picture

Excellent blog my friend as always . I do agree with you about you need for patient awareness . T.V. media is helpul but it doesn't mean that project will be excecuted without influence of industry guys. You know that how easy it is. Like Bhavani said , increasing role of pharmacist in community pharmacies (medical shops)will be more effective and less manipulative, i guess . FYI ---how drug companies can turn situations in to their advantage..Especially if goverment involved... The amount of money spent by pharmaceutical companies on direct-to-consumer advertising more than tripled between 1997 and 2005, growing from $1.3 billion to $4.2 billion since restrictions governing drug ads were relaxed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, according to the California Public Interest Research Group, a public advocacy group nicknamed CalPIRG. Ref :
Amol Malpani's picture

Dear Sir, Happy to see your comment on my blog after long time. may be you are busy or my blogs are not able to catch your eyes. let it be. First thing, as I said to Bhavani One must include pharmacist (mostly industrial one who develop that formulation/ expert formulator) or physician as technical person to frame the proper and easy presentation of AD. I restrict for exploiting the use of AD for industry purpose and as it is Govt type project, they can spend some amount of fund for health care development ans awareness programme. As you said with the help of community pharmacy it is more effective and less manipulative that is absolutely correct but as you said it is is not that much in INDIA. because I seen, some medical shop have full of crowd that pharmacist if he is interested also for counseling he can't and other shops there is no or very few patients. When any disease spread massive crowd will appear. Unlike US and other country where every patient have its pharmacist for counseling, here people are also not aware and very few people are interested to listen if anyone want to tell until and unless he is himself suffering with the same. Once the awareness about the severity and method they understand they will only eager to know more. you have plenty of examples of OTC product which are successful in market due to their AD. ONE SHOULD SERVE THE FOOD TO OTHERS, HOW THEY WISH TO TAKE AND NOT HOW WE WANT TO GIVE........... May be your opinion differ from mine in this issue but motto is same that is AWARENESS. Regards,
Uma Pratyusha's picture

Dear sir, I think by distributing pamphlets depicting the pictures on how to use certain dosage forms or keeping hoardings may help because some people look at the hoardings on the road while waiting for anyone or at traffic signals. I feel this may help and it is lower in cost when compared to advertising in television. What do you say sir?


Uma Prathyusha

Amol Malpani's picture

Hey Uma, Good idea one can go with this approach also. Signboard, TV, verbal communication and various other possible routes. The goal is proper way of educating general public about recent trends. Best wishes,

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