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Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will------ George Bernard Shaw

I remembered my school days when most of the times we have to write an essay on imaginary topics like'-

Imagine a life without water....,

Imagine if sun will not rise....,

Imagine if animal talks with you....,

Imagine if you become a Prime minister of your country......and many more.

That time it looks very silly but very interesting to write about these things. Now I understand why such things are included in our school time when I am come across with some students. Imagination power is somewhere missing in them. Take an example of Chemistry which is fully imaginary where we are not able to see the structure, their orientation, bonding, reaction and all. I never saw anyone travelling in boat form and sitting on chair form of a carbon compounds but I studied chemistry for more than a decade, specifically organic chemistry which based on CARBON compounds. Many other subjects while studying we have to imagine the object to learn any topic it might be instruments, reactions, mechanisms etc.

Electronics (machine related) field is very easy to understand and interpret because there you get expected outcomes (it is our own creation) but when you move close to biological field (gene related), it is becoming complex and complex; you may get some other outcomes (because of unknown biological variation) and they is no margin for error. So, one should have immense knowledge of field with good imaginary power to solve the problems by finding them. It will save time and money because it is impracticable to do all possibilities of experiment every time.

I agree that if one can able to see the thing it is more helpful to understand it, audio-visual mode of presentation is the best way, but most of the time it is not possible to show each and every thing. Question arises in my mind what to do with the student with less imaginary power in subject, how to improve their imaginary power? and I thought of discussing with my Pharmainfo friends to get some solutions. So, I start writing a blog under new section of Imagination..........

So let us see how you resolve this problem so that many students get benefitted with your imagination.

I wish to give one example when mother of a small child went to his school to take him because of rain; she was worried that he may scare of lightening in the sky. When they are travelling the boy is smiling at every lightening. When his mother ask him a reason of smile he replied, 'God is taking my photograph, I have to look good.' What one can imagine, no one can say........

In my imagination, if someone imagine itself as a king of the world who can satisfy the need of each and everyone. I know it may not be possible (in reality) but at least one can able to imagine and try to find out the needs and can drive its brain in that way to find, which might be the possible ways to fulfill them?

Most of the great Emperors made their mark due to their uncommon visionary; they can able to imagine what happen after 10, 50, or 100 years and in advance, were ready to face that situation and overcome. Poet, author, painter, philosopher, emperor, inventor are the categories of people with greatest imaginary power and I respect all of them from my bottom of the heart.

We can solve many problems if we share our imagination. So, let us join minds together and give some sparkling arrays of hope.

I wish a comment from each and every reader regarding the ways to improve the future of budding pharmacist, whatever it might be....who know what other can imagine with your imagination. You may become a pioneer of new creation. So, atleast try it with your best segment of brain. Please do comment.

Thank you in advance,(Imagination is more important than knowledge-----Albert Einstein)

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Author: Amol Malpani


Siva Mavuduru's picture

Dear Sir Excellent beginning. You are absolutely correct. Even I feel imagination is so important. This is what lacking in our students. Its the fault of educational system itself I believe. There is less scope to imagine and to get innovative ideas. I just wanted to share one example with you. In the schooling itself mugging up the subject is being practiced. Even the essay topics what you mentioned are giving as notes. In our SSC exams it is well known fact that the same questions will repeat all the time. Solution came in the form of all in ones and the educational institutes are making children to follow. During childhood itself students are not getting a chance to imagine. I BELIEVE ITS NOT AT ALL THE FAULT OF STUDENT. And the concept of imaginating while studying is an excellent practice.
Amol Malpani's picture

Dear Siva, Nothing but the truth about SSC you pointed out. Initial school life have more important role to develop good student. in that phase one should more stress upon the improvement of inner qualities rather than bookish knowledge.
Mrudula Boyapati's picture

I really agree with what u have disucssed and even with siva who has explained the loop holes in the education system. this is what making student lazy and not even interested to use a minimal part of their imagination..if students are made to come out of this situation, there will be a change definitely..the students who imagine and write something new are not accepted in this world and they get discouraged as it is the marks criteria which has become the key role in present system. waiting for a change regards MRUDULA
Amol Malpani's picture

Dear Mrudula, Human nature is like that, they will not ready to accept new things easily and discourage the person doing that but when it is proved and no option left other than acceptance, the same mob will praise. It is not a new thing, that is a general life story of every scientist. If you believe something comes out from your work, you should continue with that without caring of world.
Telny Thomas Chungath's picture

Amol First of all....good work..... your imagination is great.... the blog is very interesting,and whatever you have discussed is correct only Our students doesn't know to imagine,but they are not to be blamed...we have a education system like that If we can make our students DARING enough to imagine, they wil....... Above all we should make them realize that not only education but the whole life needs imagination Believe in your students that will be the best inspiration...they will do it

Regards Telny Thomas

Amol Malpani's picture

Respected Madam, Thanks for the comment first. I keep observing the strengths and weaknesses of the students and I believe in their both qualities. After all I am also a student (a learner). Regards,
Amol Malpani's picture

Dear All, I do agree with the loophole of education system is one of the major area of worry. but, suggest the solution as well as why education system become like this think over it. Why and how? there are two questions which are important. Regards,
G.Sailesh's picture

Significance of imagination is well exemplified. Excellent blog from your side and I would like to share few of my thoughts. My imagination about pharma sector is that one day, Indian pharmacists will be in a position to provide patented drug molecules as well as drug delivery systems and the important thing is, Pharmacy practice will be at its best providing "pharmaceutical care" to each and every patient. Why the education system is becoming substandard? I think the simple reason is competition between colleges and making the students to attain marks. Top Percentages and top marks became the basis to assess the standards of college. Students are just provoked to read and write as much as possible pages together without no meaning making both the students and evaluators uninterested. Of course there are some colleges without any infrastructure and staff members, even if staff members are present who never take any interest on students. Through my friends in other countries I was surprised to know that their questions are about 4 to 5 sentences and the answer should be just 1 or 2 lines or even word which means that there the students are made to think logically, technically and hence improving their imaginative powers. My view is to make the students think at b.pharm level about the significance of experiments that we do by putting some logical questions, multiple choice, assertion reason, group discussions, one mark and two marks questions. Initially it may not be acceptable from student community, but I think it will give some fruitful results if it is practiced. Creating interest on the subject is utmost important to make a student think about it and upon which major responsibility lies on the lecturer. Thanking you sir
Amol Malpani's picture

Respected Sir, "Creating interest on the subject is utmost important to make a student think about it and upon which major responsibility lies on the lecturer " Last sentence is very correct that major responsibility lies on the lecturer. Logical thinking, framing questions based upon practical problems and concept base is very important but the thing is pattern of question papers in Universities. Competition for marks and ranks which disturb student's mind as well as affect their helping nature. One student don't want to share its knowledge with other, I seen many of such cases which ultimately constrict the way of looking towards the thing by different angles because if one can see a thing with four different angles and if same thing is discussed with other four definitely fifth way will be open. This is my strong belief. So, you want to broaden your way of looking or imagination power, sharing of thoughts is the best way where, if at all you may not get anything but one thing is sure that, you will never lose anything. First, we should wash out that competitive and conservative mind of the students and higher authorities of education system also take this thing seriously that if we are aiming for bright future of our profession, we have to start shining dust and rust on our present professional as well as budding professional quickly. Nice to listen your thoughts Sir, I hope you will share some other new thoughts with us. Regards,
Mrudula Boyapati's picture

yes sir..ur group discussions and logical questions will surely make students to is not that it will not be the student community there are all kinds of attitudes..there are even students who wait for such opportunities to be given and a chance to learn... student often thinks about what is happening but he cannot guess all the logical questions..this happens when all the students are made together and asked to frame questions by themselves..first of all the selfish mind must be driven out from the mind of the students which has kept all the thinking ability sleep all these days due to unecessary attitudes regarding ranks.. hope there will change atleast from the people who followed ur blog regards mrudula
G.Sailesh's picture

Please do not start as "Respected Sir" as I am very much younger than you and after all I am a student of I keep on watching these blogs regularly and this is the first time I am interacting with you sir for which I feel so happy. Exactly sir what I meant is about the pattern of university examinations. Multiple choice questions, 1 mark and 2 mark questions, group discussions, logical and technical questions will not be readily accepted by the students. Yes I do agree that there are very less number of students who actively participate in such type of things. Students also should come out of such psychology which prevents them from sharing knowledge, without helping their own friends, selfish nature. Change should come from every side and every one must realize about it. From higher authorities, lecturers, students and then we can make our profession shine. Presently, what that can be done is practicing giving multiple choice questions, group discussions, one mark and two mark questions at least in internal examinations from I year itself may bring some change gradually in the coming future. Thanking you sir
Sirisha Pingali's picture

sir Very nice blog. In my view imagination is one of the important thing to step forward. Imagination concept can better be seen in people with drawing as a major passion (artists,cartoonists) since they have more "Imaginative power". As everyone discussed imagination takes its roots from the childhood. Schooling plays a key role at the same time the carbon chemistry, bonding what you have discussed is an apt illustration. Since i have a passion to chemistry what i wanted to say is interact with the compounds first. This subject carries adventure in knowing the furthur steps so definitely imagining does come into play.

Sirisha Pingali

Viswanadha Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Amol Malpani's picture

Dear Sirisha, You are on the correct path. when you start feeling some adventure in any subject and you start involve in the world of that subject then only you can acheive best. Nice to listen your views. regards,

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