A wave of silence and violence touches my mind.....very emotional

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Hello Everyone,

A day when we wrote concluding blogs of the Skill test 2010 on the behalf of team Sentinel, I feel a sort of peace that YES ...we done it! I was bit a relaxing mood from that day and waiting for completion of others blog. But, I am not aware that something secreting happening in my college from last 3-4 days as I went to University for paper evaluation. When I came back, it's actually a farewell party of one of our senior faculty and in the same function our respected Chairman V. Prasad Rao Sir announce the result of Skill Test 2010 that our team Sentinel got second prize and suddenly a crest of wave dancing with violence in my heart....really happy and unforgettable moment in my life.

When we enter in the competition, we never thought that we may reach to second place in the competition. But, fortunately we are able to achieve it and I feel that's because of my sincere and skilled teammate, my student P. V. Abhigna, you made me proud and kept our team slogan alive "Sentinel never give up". My principal Madam...she is supportive always, my brain washer/ very good friend/ senior colleague Mr. L. Venkateshwarlu (LVL Sir), my all colleagues, Dear Khan Sir, readers, co- participants, and All.........First thank you to all.

I wish to congratulate Team Atharvana, Prof. Vijayaratna Madam; a sweet, honorable, admirable team leader. Kranthi, Santosh and Niklesh; three musketeers, very active, creative and good learners. With these many skills...no doubt they are clear winner and deserve First place.... I feel. Their team gave us very good lessons during this journey and I am very happy to accept these all time to time. I am also very happy towards the performance of all other teams as it's a very long journey of ten months and everyone competed with their strength and very good team spirit. Sincere thanks for all of you to be my competitors.

Congratulations to Habibur Sir and Indira for getting special prizes.


I am more eager to write this para.... Special special Thanks to Pharmainfo.net; and Eswar Sir for arranging such a great surprise party for us. I also wish to congratulate organizers for successful completion of Skill test 2010. Your valuable suggestions, ideas and restless efforts make this platform very unique. This platform means a lot for various young budding because if you see the participants of skill test, most of them are undergraduates, so..... What more one can expect from these students. I wish to salute to all of you and organizer to provide such platform for these active students.

Run with a fun................


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Author: Amol Malpani


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First of all hearty congratulations to your team....Really i felt very happy for your success....your the most deserving team......Hope to continue the journey....

T.K. Indira. http://www.pharmainfo.net/tkindira

-- "Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall..." Team 'Char'minar.

Amol Malpani's picture

Dear Indira, Thanks a lot for your sweet comment. I also have a same feeling towards your award as you are my favorite blogger here among all other teams except mine (pls don't mind as I like our blogs more than anyone else). Please continue the process of sharing knowledge........ God bless you Regards,
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Dear Mr. Amol, Congratulatios to you and your teammate for extraordinary performance in skills test 2010. I wish you all the success in future.

Manthan D.Janodia

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Respected Manthan Sir, I am very happy to see you again on this platform after such a long time. I hope you will participate again in this competition leaving behind all past experiences. People like you we require here to share their knowledge with pharmacy professional Sir. Finish the thing from the place where you start or start the thing from the place where you end last time......This platform always waiting for blogbusters 2nd inning. Regards,
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congratulation and wish you all the best China CPU Challengers team member

Ayman Waddad

Ph.D Student

China Pharmaceutical University



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