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Literature Review : A Practical Approach

If you are looking in to training for article wrting techniques to publish in journals, perhaps this is the workshop you are looking for .

Part 1 :

Part 2:

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Mode of workshop: Online

Trainer : Aravind Sai, M.S (Australia)

Start date : : Nov 20th

Part 1 module : Introduction to literature review ( Nov 20th to December 1st)

Part 2 module : A Practical approach (case studies with examples) ( December 4th to December 15th )

Fees : FREE (Must send application from before Nov 15th)

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What is literature review?

A literature review is a description of the literature relevant to a particular field or topic. It gives an overview of what has been said, who the key writers are, what are the prevailing theories and hypotheses, what questions are being asked, and what methods and methodologies are appropriate and useful. As such, it is not in itself primary research, but rather it reports on other findings.

Topics to be covered:

  • Importance and purpose of literature review
  • Stages of literature review
  • Define the problem or research question
  • Collection and evaluation of the material
  • Analyze data
  • Concepts and types of literature review
  • How to do a literature review? (A practical approach)
  • Do’s and do not’s in literature review
  • Harvard style of referencing
  • How good literature review makes a research project success.

Who should attend and eligibility:

This workshop is designed for graduating students to guide their career towards research; the workshop will be in simple and practical based. Masters students with no research experience can attend the workshop to do their research projects.

• This workshop is not designed for experienced research professionals, however your suggestions are strongly welcome

Workshop outcomes:

  • Participant should be able to understand what a literature review is
  • Should be able to define research question or problem
  • Should be able to collect relevant data and evaluate
  • Should be able to write a review
  • Able to use Harvard style of referencing.

Workshop methodology:

This workshop will be interactive and practical oriented than learning the theory.

Benefits of workshop:

Rather than learning the theory and getting struck at the practical, it can be better work along with us and get a clear picture

Benefits of Literature review:

  • Every research starts with a literature review; this will help in you starting your research project with ease.
  • One can have a better chance of getting a research admission if you can write a review on the research topic on which you are applying for


Participants will be provided with softcopies.Handouts (print outs) are must while attending the workshop


Participant will be given a certificate of completion upon the completion of assignment/s after the workshop. Assignment will be a literature review on a simple pharmaceutical topic which will be published as book page or full length review article which will be published in Pharmaceutical review journal. One to one assistance will be provided until your article is published.

Benefits of getting a certificate:

Publications are a proof of your research experience, which can help you in getting admission in research degree (masters with research (MRES) or PHD), and most of the research degrees are funded.

How can i attend ?

Step 1:

  • Register with (If you are already member, no need to register again)
  • Upload your picture

Step 2:

Download application from and apply before Nov 15th . (Only few seats . Apply as soon as possible. Its free)

Step 3:

Attend Part 1 of online workshop ( Nov 20th to December 1st) at your convenient time.

Step 4:

Submit assignment given to be eligible for Part 2

Step 5:

Attend Part 2 of online workshop( December 4th to December 15th ) at your convenient time.

Step 6:

Submit assignment to get the certificate .


Registration is closed.



About the Author

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Author: Aravindsai


G N S HEMA SREE's picture

how can i attend the workshop any timings are mentioned and any things(devices) are needed for it


Sandeep Talele's picture

Aravindsai's picture

You dont need any devices. You can attend at any time. If you have submitted application., you will receive an email with instructions.


Soumya Venkatesh's picture

hi i did send the completed application forms for attending workshop . but i did not receive any confirmaion on that . what do i do ?

soumya venkatesh

Aravindsai's picture

Please wait till Nov 15th, You will receive a notification


Meghna Datta's picture

what is my ' profile page link'
Rabia Naveed's picture

wht is my profile link page


Aravindsai's picture


Govardhan's picture

wat is my profile page link


Rabia Naveed's picture

sir, as u ve mention that hard copies must be there during the workshop but i m living pakistan so how can i send my print outs to u this is a fantastic presentation which clearly helps us to find out difference between review n research ?


Aravindsai's picture

You are not required to send us print outs


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